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Appropriate for traditional buildings as well as new build projects.Lime has been used as the binder in mortars, plasters, paints and floors for years. A truely versatile plaster with 'self-healing' properties. 

Lime products are vapour permeable - this is very important in solid wall buildings as it means that any moisture is allowed to escape from the walls. This helps to control condensation and damp within the building. Interestingly modern renders, plasters and paints trap this moisture leading to problems.


We have experience with products such as:

  • Hydraulic Limes

  • Lime Hemp

  • Fat Lime

  • Glaster

  • Lime Putty

  • Eco Cork Plaster and Render

  • Our Primary Boards:

  • Woodfibre Boards

  • Woodwool Boards

  • Eco Cork Boards

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